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Great importance is attached to the quality of the staff at Acharyakulam. Trained, highly qualified and experienced teachers are appointed to impart education. Compassion, devotion to duties, good manners, helpfulness, dedication and strong belief in spiritualism are some of the prerequisites of teachers at Acharyakulam.

Enhancement of teachers’ skills is a constant phenomenon here. Since teachers live on the campus, there is an open teacher-taught interaction. The teachers interact with the students to give them the much-needed academic and emotional support to make them feel at home.


Govind Singh

B.Com., M. Lib., PGDCA,

Amit Kumar Dani

B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed., P.G.D.Y.Ed.

Sachin Arya

PG Diploma in Yoga

Asha Singh

B.P. Ed. and M. P. Ed.

Geetika Shukla

M.Lib. Sc.

Sanjay Kumar Jaiswal

B. F.A., M.F.P

Mahesh Suri

B.Com, Visharad (Kathak Dance), Prabhakar (Kathak Dance)

Ram Chandra Pandey

B.A., Sangeet Visharad (Vocal Classical), M.A. Sangeet Prabhakar (Vocal Classical)

Deepti Dhulia

M.A. (Music), Sangeet Praveen

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