A Residential Educational Institute
C.B.S.E Affiliation No. 3530430
School No. : 81654

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Language lab

Since the medium of communication of CBSE classes in our school is English, much emphasis is put on the development of this language among the students. With this view we have recently established a fully computerized English Language Lab. In this lab there are as many as 40 computers programmed with particular language software and it is also called Wordsworth Language Lab. The English Language Lab helps develop English language proficiency among the learners of English language. With the help of this software students get chance to improve their pronunciation, knowledge in grammar, fluency in speaking etc. through different modules. Chief importance is given to the development of speaking, listening and writing. The students learn and develop their skills in the above said fields under the guidance of highly qualified language experts. The language Lab is a platform where comprehensive and interactive digital content catering to the Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills is put to use in a stimulating environment.

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