A Residential Educational Institute
C.B.S.E Affiliation No. 3530430
School No. : 81654

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Science lab

If you cannot picture it, you cannot understand it. Our qualified & experienced faculty members staunchly support this viewpoint and so we make the best possible efforts to acquaint the students with the practical aspect of the subject. To suffice our needs so as to generate practical mindset in the students we have well equipped science lab with the latest technologies. The future little scientists are always busy doing new experiments, very eager to know the outcomes and results. They do all the experiments under the ever watchful eyes of their Science teacher, who constantly motivate and encourage them to do various experiments.

Lab is well equipped with instruments like readymade slides, Microscope, Vernier Caliper, screw gauge, Dry Cell etc. Charts & Models on various topics like Electricity, Heat & Thermodynamics, Mechanics, Optics and Magnetism also find a place in the lab. Time to time, the students are encouraged to make projects and working models so as to inculcate scientific temperament.

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