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Admission Procedure

Admission Rules

Admission at Acharyakulam is based on the availability of seats and the interest and aptitude of the child towards Special Vaidic and Sanskrit Education that would be imparted along with full fledged modern CBSE/NCERT pattern. The students who show Interest, Inclination and Ability to study Special Vaidic and Sanskrit Education would preferably be invited to apply for admission at Acharyakulam.

Admission Criteria:

Admission Class : Admission is taken only in class V.
Eligibility Criteria : Passed or studying in Class IV in the year preceding the admission year.
Age : 9 to 11 years as on 31st March of the Admission year.

  • Registration Fees          Rs. 1000/- 

Any deviation would be considered NOT ELIGIBLE for admission even though a candidate may have been invited to apply for Admission. In such cases, Acharyakulam would use its discretion on case-to-case basis to choose ELIGIBLE STUDENTS outside AGE and Standard bracket and its decision would be final & binding on all and NO reason thereof for not choosing would be provided.

List of Documents to be brought at the time of admission:



  • Transfer Certificate (TC), countersigned by the D.E.O. or the concerned board official, to be submitted in Original.
  • Birth Certificate, in Original for verification purpose and one photocopy of it to be submitted.
  • Previous year’s Report Card, in Original for verification purpose and one photocopy of it to be submitted.
  • Medical fitness certificate (in the given format), certified by a qualified doctor having not less than bachelor’s degree.
  • Recent passport size photograph (6 copies) of the candidate.
  • Recent passport size photograph (2 copies) of each parent.

Note: Only on finding all documents satisfactorily the child’s admission would be confirmed. It is only after the admission is confirmed the child’s attendance will be started.

All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of Haridwar courts of law only.

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